Top 5 Best Shoulder workout You Should Add In Your Workout

A shoulder workout helps make your shoulders stronger and more defined. Here’s a simple shoulder workout you can try.

Overhead Press

The overhead press is as old as the barbell itself, and is possibly the best shoulder workout of all.

This exercise will primarily work your front delts, with your triceps and side delts as secondarily working muscles. In addition, you will use your core, hips, and rotator cuff as stabilizing musculature throughout the exercise.

Shoulder Workout
Overhead Press

If you should only do one shoulder workout , the overhead press is a great choice, which is why it is included in many of our shoulder workouts.

How to Do The Overhead Press

  1. Place a barbell in a rack at about chest height.
  2. Grip the bar slightly wider than shoulder-width apart, and step close to it.
  3. Inhale, lightly brace your core, and unrack the bar.
  4. Let the bar rest against your front delts while you step back from the rack and place your feet shoulder-width apart.
  5. Press the bar up to straight arms while exhaling.
  6. Inhale at the top or while lowering the bar with control back to your shoulders.
  7. Repeat for reps.

Seated Dumbbell Shoulder Press

If the push press is more of an athletic power exercise, the seated dumbbell press is more of a bodybuilding exercise.

The stability of the bench will let you focus on your front and side delts without worrying as much about balance, although the dumbbells will challenge and develop your shoulder stability.

Since this shoulder workout  only requires a pair of dumbbells and something sturdy to sit on, it is a great exercise for doing shoulder workouts at home.The Alpha Male Shoulder Routine - Muscle & Fitness

How to Do The Seated Dumbbell Shoulder Press

  1. Sit down on a bench with a raised backrest.
  2. Grab a pair of dumbbells and lift them to the starting position at your shoulders.
  3. Inhale and lightly brace your core.
  4. Press the dumbbells up to straight arms while exhaling.
  5. Inhale at the top or while lowering the dumbbells with control back to your shoulders.
  6. Repeat for reps.

Dumbbell Lateral Raise

Let’s move from the front of your shoulders to the sides. Like the name hints, the dumbbell lateral raise works your lateral deltoids.

This is another bodybuilding staple for building boulder shoulders, and it is also a great exercise for your rotator cuffs.

The key to doing lateral raises with good form and actually hitting your lateral deltoid is to begin with a really light weight and focus on muscle contact. Squeeze the muscles and work up a burn!The Beginners Guide To Master The Lateral Raises | DMoose

How to Do Dumbbell Lateral Raises

  1. Hold a pair of dumbbells in almost straight arms hanging by your sides.
  2. With control, lift the dumbbells out to your sides until your upper arms are horizontal.
  3. Lower the dumbbells with control.
  4. Repeat for reps.

Barbell Upright Row

The upright row is a barbell exercise that works not only your side delts, but also your upper trapezius.

This shoulder workout has a bad rep for causing shoulder pain from impinging your shoulders at the top of the movement. However, you can mitigate the risk of shoulder pain by starting with light weights and a low number of sets, and by avoiding elevating your upper arms above shoulder height at the top of the movement. Chest Workout In Gym

Upright Row: Benefits, Muscles Worked, and More - Inspire US
Barbell Up-Right Row

If the shoulder workout  still feels uncomfortable, or you are looking for an alternative, you should check out the monkey row.

How to Do The Barbell Upright Row

  1. Grip the bar with an overhand grip, slightly narrower than shoulder-width apart.
  2. Pull the bar close to your body, straight up until it is at the level of your chin.
  3. With control, lower the bar back to the starting position.

 Reverse Dumbbell Flyes

With the front and side delts taken care of, it’s time to turn our attention to the rear delts.

The rear delt, or posterior deltoid, resides on the back of your shoulder, and its main function is to move your arm back.

That means it’s worked to some degree in rowing exercises like the bent-over row, but you can target it even further with exercises like the reverse dumbbell fly, pictured above.

The reverse fly is a great rear delt exercise that also works the muscles in your upper back that pull your shoulder blades together.

Bent Over Dumbbell Reverse Fly: Video Exercise Guide & Tips

How to Do Reverse Dumbbell Flyes

  1. Hold a pair of dumbbells, lean forward, and let your arms hang towards the floor.
  2. With almost straight arms (just a slight bend at the elbow), slowly lift the dumbbells by raising your arms out to the sides.
  3. Reverse the movement and lower the dumbbells back to the starting position.

 Face Pull

The face pull is another popular shoulder workout for your posterior deltoids and rotator cuff muscles.

Like many of the other shoulder workout, the key to proper form in this exercise is to start with a really light weight and focus on the muscles working.

Shoulder Workout
Face Pull

Notice that the face pull involves a bit of external rotation of your arms at the end of the movement, in contrast to the cable rear delt row, which is more of a straight pull.

How to Do Face Pulls

  1. Fasten a rope handle in a high position on a cable pulley. Grip the ropes with an overhand grip, and take a step or two back.
  2. With elbows held high, pull the rope towards you by letting your upper arms move straight out towards your sides, while simultaneously rotating your forearms up.
  3. Return with control to the starting position, by letting your arms move forward again.

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